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Event announcement of the “oomiya presents TGC WAKAYAMA 2024 by TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION”

The Executive Committee of TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION will hold “oomiya presents TGC WAKAYAMA 2024 by TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION” (oomiya presents TGC WAKAYAMA 2024) on Saturday, February 3, 2024, at Wakayama Big Whale.

■The theme is “With PRIDE”

Through the inaugural event in Kansai last year, we had the opportunity to experience various charms and possibilities of Wakayama, including the connections of the local community, the splendid natural environment, traditional culture, and cuisine.
TGC Wakayama will wholeheartedly focus on showcasing these outstanding Wakayama charms, which we can proudly share with the entire nation, along with fashion and trends.

Furthermore, through TGC Wakayama, local youth will rediscover the allure of Wakayama, instilling confidence and pride in their hometown, thus expanding the possibilities for a new future. With passion, we take a step forward to deliver the magnificence of Wakayama to the world.

With pride in our hearts for Wakayama, this marks the beginning of a new journey.

TGC is one of the largest-scale fashion festivals in history. It has been held twice a year since August 2005 under the theme of "bringing Japan's girls' culture to the world." A total of about 100 popular models representative of Japan perform in a fashion show displaying Japan's street fashion. The festival also features live performances by impressive artists, a special stage filled with popular guests, booths where participants can touch and try popular items, and various other contents unique to TGC. TGC has been gaining attention both in Japan and abroad.


The information in this document is current as of October 30, 2023.
Please note that, given the ever-changing circumstances, the event format and contents are subject to change.

Date and Time
Saturday, February 3, 2024 OPEN12:30 /START14:00 / CLOSE18:30(intended)
Wakayama Big Whale(2-1-1 Tebira, Wakayama City, Wakayama)
【advance sales】
Wakayama City residents Pre-Sale:10:00am, Saturday November 4, 2023 - 23:59, Friday November 10, 2023
TGC PREMIUM Members Pre-Sale:10:00am, Saturday November 11, 2023 - 23:59, Friday November 17, 2023
TGC CARD Pre-Sale:10:00am, Saturday November 18, 2023 - 23:59, Friday November 24, 2023
TGC official LINE members first advance sales:10:00am, Saturday November 25, 2023 - 23:59, Friday December 8, 2023
TGC official LINE members second advance sales:10:00am, Saturday December 9, 2023 - 23:59, Friday December 22, 2023

【General sales】
10:00am, Saturday December 23, 2023 *Sales end when tickets are sold out

【Inquiries on tickets】
Kyodo Information
TEL: 0570-200-888 (11:00 - 18:00, closed on Sundays and holidays)
Stage performances
Fashion show, live performances, partner events, and more
Organized by
The Executive Committee of "TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION”
Wakayama Prefecture, Wakayama City, TGC Wakayama Promotion Committee
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